Calculating The Volume Of A Sphere

Calculate the Volume of a Sphere

You can calculate the volume of a sphere by using either our sphere volume calculator below or the manual formula provided.

Method #1 – Sphere Volume Calculator

Find the Volume of a Sphere
Measuring Unit


Method #2 – Volume of a Sphere Formula

The volume of a sphere can be calculated by using the formula: v = 4/3 * π * r3

In this formula, the astricks represent muliplication signs, v represents the volume of the sphere, 4/3 represents the fraction four thirds, π represent pi (approximately 3.14), and r3 represents the radius of the sphere cubed.

Sphere Radius Volume

Radius of Sphere

First, you’ll need to find the radius of the sphere. A radius is a straight line from the center of a circle or sphere to the circumference (outer part) of the circle or sphere. If you already know the radius, you may skip this step. If you the diameter of the sphere, simply divide it by 2 in order to get the radius. If you are only given the surface area or some other value, use the appropriate mathematical function to find the radius from the given value.

Next, you’ll need to cube the radius you found in the previous step. To cube a value, multiply the value by itself three times. In this case, it would be (radius * radius * radius).

Now that you have the value of the last item in the equation (radius cubed), you only need to multiply it by the other two items in order to get the volume of the sphere. The other two values are four thirds (approximately 1.3333 repeating) and pi (aproximately 3.14159 continuing). You can divide 4 by 3 and also get the value of pi by using a calculator in order to get a more exact value for the volume of your sphere.

Now you should have the volume of your sphere!

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