Calculating The Volume Of A Rectangular Prism

Calculate the Volume of a Rectangular Prism

A Rectangular Prism, also known as a cuboid, is a solid figure bounded by 6 faces, forming a convex polyhedron. Finding the volume of a rectangular prism is very simple, and using this rectangular prism volume calculator makes it even easier.

Method #1 - Rectangular Prism Volume Calculator

Find the Volume of a Rectangular Prism
Measuring Unit


Method #2 – Volume of a Rectangular Prism (Cuboid) Formula

The volume of a Rectangular Prism can be calculated by using the formula:

Rectangular Prism Volume

In this formula, l represents the length of the rectangular prism, w represents the width of the rectangular prism, and h represents the height of the rectangular prism. Multiply all of them together and you get the volume of the rectangular prism (cuboid).

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