Calculating The Volume Of A Pyramid

Calculate the Volume of a Pyramid

A Pyramid is a geometric solid with one base that is a polygon and all other faces are triangles with a common vertex. Basically a pyramid is a polyhedron formed by connecting a polygonal base and a point, called the apex. When calculating volume, any shape in 3 dimensions in which a single base can be identified and a single peak exists non-planer to the base, the pyramidal rule applies. The volume of any pyramidal shape is 1/3 of the product of the base area and the length of the altitude of the peak above the plane of the base.

Method #1 - Pyramid Volume Calculator

Find the Volume of a Pyramid
Measuring Unit


Method #2 – Volume of a Pyramid Formula

The volume of a Pyramid can be calculated by using the formula:

Pyramid Volume

In this formula, 1/3 represents one-third, B represents the area of the base, and h represents the height of pyramid.

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