Calculating The Volume Of An Ellipsoid

Calculate the Volume of an Ellipsoid (3D Oval)

When trying to calculate the volume of a figure such as a chicken egg or three-dimensional oval shape, you would use the equation for finding the volume of an ellipsoid. Although the term "egg-shaped" typically implies a lack of reflection symmetry across the equatorial plane, it may also refer to true prolate ellipsoids. An ellipsoid is defined more technically as a three-dimensional figure that is symmetrical around each of three perpendicular axes, whose plane sections normal to one axis are circles and all the other plane sections are ellipses.

These volume calculations are provided for a standard ellipsoid using the width axis radius, length axis radius, and height axis radius.

Method #1 - Ellipsoid Volume Calculator

Find the Volume of an Ellipsoid
Width Axis
Length Axis
Height Axis
Measuring Unit


Method #2 – Volume of an Ellipsoid Formula

The volume of an ellipsoid can be calculated by using the formula:

Ellipsoid Volume

In this formula, a represents the width axis radius, b represents the length axis radius, c represents the height axis radius, π represents pi (approximately 3.14), and 4/3 represents four-thirds (or 1.3333 repeating). Please note that this equation reduces to that of the volume of a sphere when all 3 elliptic radii are equal, and to that of an oblate or prolate spheroid when 2 of them are equal.

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