Calculating The Volume Of A Cylinder

Calculate the Volume of a Cylinder

Ever wonder how much soda or beer can fit into a single can? To find this out you can calculate the volume of a cylinder by using either our cylinder volume calculator below or the manual formula provided.

These calculations are provided for a right circular cylinder where the top and bottom surfaces are parallel. It represents what is most commonly referred to as a “cylinder”.

Method #1 – Cylinder Volume Calculator

Find the Volume of a Cylinder
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Method #2 – Volume of a Cylinder Formula

A cylinder is one of the most basic curvilinear geometric shapes. The surface of a cylinder is formed by the points at a fixed distance from a given line segment, the axis of the cylinder.

The volume of a cylinder can be calculated by using the formula: V = h * π * r2

Volume of Cylinder

Cylinder Volume Measurements

In this formula, the astricks represent muliplication signs, v represents the volume of the cylinder, h represents the height of the cylinder (the distance between the circular end), π represent pi (approximately 3.14), and r2 represents the radius of the cylinder squared.

First, determine the radius of the cylinder. The radius is the straight line from the center of the cylinder to the circumference (outer part) of the cylinder. In essence, you are measuring the radius of a circle from its center point to any point on the outer rim. Once you have the radius of the cylinder, square it in order to get area of the base circle (radius * radius). Now you should have the value for the r2 part of the equation.

Next, you’ll need to determine the height of the cylinder. The height is the distance from the two bases of the cylinder. A good rule when measuring height is to make sure the cylinder look more like a cone that’s on its side, and not like a circle.

Now that you have all the items in the formula you just need to multiply them in order to get the volume of the cylinder. Knowing that pi is approximately 3.14159, just mutiply (height * 3.14159 * radius squared) to get the volume of your cylinder. You can get a more exact value of pi by using a calculator.

Now you should have the volume of your cylinder!

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