Calculating The Volume Of A Cube

Calculate the Volume of a Cube

A cube is a three-dimensional solid object that is bound by 6 square faces, facets or sides, with 3 meeting at each vertex. Since the volume of a cube is the third power of its sides (a * a * a), third powers are called cubes. For example, a cubic centimeter (cm3) would be the volume of a cube whose sides are one centimeter (1 cm) in length. If it is conceptually easier, the 3 sides (a's) can be thought of as length, width, and height. A similar analogy to cubes and third powers is that of squares and second powers.

These volume calculations are provided for a standard cube with sides of "a". For ease of use, we have labeled each of the cube's sides as length, width, and height.

Method #1 - Cube Volume Calculator

Find the Volume of a Cube
Measuring Unit


Method #2 – Volume of a Cube Formula

The volume of a cube can be calculated by using the formula:

Cube Volume

In this formula, “a” represents the length of a side (or edge) of the cube. One of the a’s would be length, one would be width, and one would be height of the cube.

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